About Harrington’s

The Studio

Our studio is in the historic Devon building built in 1837. It is rich in tradition with tall ceilings and big windows that enable me to photograph newborns with natural window light. We also have a complete camera room with studio lights for capturing images of older babies, children, families and couples.

Historic Devon Topeka Ks

We are very baby friendly with a “mommy’s room” with a changing table, soft music and a rocking chair for times when your baby may need to eat or just be held for a little while.

We have a variety of backgrounds to suit the mood of the session or coordinate with a certain special outfit. We also have a variety of tutus, hats, bows and props to “change up” the session and make it extraordinary. We take special care to make sure the blankets and surfaces where your baby lays or sits are clean and fresh. We also have a supply of disposable diapers “just in case”.

About the Photographer

Diane Harrington

I am a mom, a wife and a grandmother who loves photographing babies and children. I am a retired RN having worked in the nursing profession for 28 years. I retired in 2000 to open this studio to carry out my passion for photographing children. My husband, Tom, and I also work together on many assignments including weddings and family portraits.

Diane photographer

I understand the stages of development of children and this helps me have the patience it takes to capture images of babies and children and their precious expressions.

We have been in business together since 1993 when we photographed our first wedding. There was no turning back after that. I was hooked on capturing beautiful images and it never ceases to amaze me when I am able to capture the precious expression of a child and the wonder and amazement in a child’s eyes.

The first year of life is amazing!

Harrington Photo Studio Entrance

To see a newborn just a few days old and to capture their innocence and newness of their tiny hands and feet; then to see them when they are a year old and are walking around like they own the world will always amaze me.